Food trucks face off in Downtown Waco

More than 20,000 people attended the 3rd Annual Food Truck Showdown in Waco on Saturday.

The event hosted by the Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce attracted families, food enthusiasts and food truck operators ready to show off their skills on Saturday. Amanda Haywood, the chamber’s director of sports and special events, said that food trucks from all areas of Texas traveled to Waco to face off.

“We have 39 trucks from all over the state. They are competing for a $5,000 grand prize,” Haywood said.

One of the competitors who won last year’s Dessert category is Mallery Tuck. The Dallas resident said this year is his second year to compete at the showdown. He said he noticed his signature bread pudding brings out the joy in people.

“I’m just glad people are enjoying it. If you’re a foodie and you enjoy good food, you should smile,” Tuck said. “It’s just enjoyment for me to see people smile with the food that I’ve created.”

It’s not just the smiles and friendly competition that motivate Tuck. He said the food fest is important to him because it brings a people together.

“It’s good for overall morality, comradery and it’s a good chance to meet and mingle with different people of all races, colors and creeds,” Tuck said. “We all come together in one melting pot as a family.”

Another competitor in the showdown is Dudley Mason from Abilene, TX. He and his mother own and operate Alicia’s Tamales. They entered their ‘Tres Amigos’ tamale into the competition. Mason said the dish a beef, chicken and pork tamale covered in chile red hot sauce and topped with cheese.

“We’re here. We’re ready to compete,” Mason said.

He said he believes the mobility of food trucks offer eaters a unique experience they can’t order at a restaurant.

“We try to be different. We try to bring something that’ll bring people to us,” Mason said.

And people from all over Central Texas and beyond were offered a wide variety of special foods at the event in Heritage Square. Baylor University student Will Murff and his friends said they accidentally ended up at the food truck event. After tasting dish after dish, he spoke about his favorite.

“We went to Gordough’s,” Murff said. “We’re actually a huge fan of Gordough’s back in Austin. We found their food truck here and of course they impressed, as usual.”

Murff wasn’t the only person who was impressed by Gordough’s Public House. A panel of food experts, including Lilian Halabi of Lily’s Cakes, also chose the business as the overall grand champion of 2017’s food truck showdown. Their award winning signature dish is the Gourmet Big Fat Donut.

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